We help you create interactive experiences that will please customers, drive sales and build brand engagement.


Active Video Engagement

Our interactive video player uses your existing videos to engage your customers in new ways. Your customers can now directly tap items and people within a video to save them to a list or shopping cart. From there, you can customize what your customers can do – from saving to email, sharing via social media, learning more or even sending to the next available service rep for consultation.

Detailed Customer Insights

Unlike traditional video or digital marketing efforts that only provide basic click or viewing statistics, Tap Media Labs provides incredible in-depth customer insights. Within each video, you can see what customers have tapped, their preferences, and what they’re paying attention to. Actionable dashboards keep you in the loop and allow you to make real-time decisions to help your brand adapt.

Easy Setup

Tap works with your existing or new videos so there’s no need to reshoot them. Tap can work on your website, social media channels, on smartphones or at physical locations – with no software to install, update or licensing fees. Administration is a breeze and no technical development is needed. Tap also works with all major video formats.
Anywhere, Any Device

Works on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. You can even use Tap in kiosks, out in the field and in physical locations.

Customizable to Your Brand

We know building and protecting your brand is important and that’s why we encourage you to customize Tap with your own colours, fonts and logos to create a seamless brand experience for your customers.

24-hour Support

From the first time you reach out to us, to working with us to create interactive videos, we provide incredible 24-hour support with real people, who want to help you have the best experience with Tap Media Labs. Contact us anytime to learn more.

The future of video engagement with your customers